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Travel Insurance is also known as Visitor Insurance or Overseas Medical Insurance that is intended to cover Medical Expenses, Personal Accident, Trip Delay, Loss of Passport and many more risks while you travel abroad or domestic. Travel insurance offers coverage for Student Travel Policy, Individual Travel Policy & Family Travel Policy, cruise for travel. We, offer you the easiest way to compare Travel Insurance quotes offered by leading Insurance companies in India and help you to save your time and money by giving you the choice of best travel insurance products to compare and purchase online.

Why should I buy overseas travel insurance?

In some instances overseas travel insurance is required to get a visa to travel to certain countries. Schengen country (many countries of Western Europe constitute the Schengen countries) consulates insist on having travel insurance with a minimum of $37,500 coverage.

However even if insurance is not required for visa purposes, it is still prudent to purchase health insurance for the following reason. Health care costs in India is much less when compared to developed countries like the USA, Japan and other European countries. In most of these countries medical care is not subsidized by the government, and medical bills can easily exceed thousands of dollars which patients have to pay by themselves. Most people in these countries have some form of health insurance, however these insurance policies are not available to visitors. Given this scenario, purchasing travel insurance can be viewed as a necessity.

Along with medical coverage, these travel insurance policies also provide coverage for baggage loss, baggage delay, loss of passport etc.

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